Friday, 17 December 2010

My outfit

I now realise why so many wedding blogs disappear so soon after the wedding. Suddenly my time and inclination seemed to vanish, not exactly sure why.

Anyway, getting back to putting together my day for you, I get to my outfit.

My dress was made by my mum, which was so special. It meant that it was completely unique and exactly what I wanted. We had had it specially designed by a friend of a friend who was studying fashion design. This, for me, was the most fun part. I had been to try on other dresses (1,2,3) so I had a good idea what I was looking for.

We then had the drawing made into a pattern by a professional pattern cutter - this bit wasn't cheap. If we had been a bit clever we could probably have utilised an existing pattern as I wasn't having anything that out of the ordinary.

Once we had the finished toile and pattern we set about chopping up the actual fabric and lining etc. I helped cut out some bits, but I left most of this to my mum who is much more experienced - and she has the sewing machine at her house!

I enjoyed cutting out the strips of netting to go under the train. This was even better when they had the unexpected effect of creating a feature out of themselves when I hitched up the train in the evening, as you can see in the pic on the left.

So, the finished article is best illustrated in this picture (that's my husband in the middle shaking hands with his best man - we'd just stepped out the church, which explains the crazy look on my face!). It had a full skirt with train, corsetted bodice, buttoned up the back, capped sleeves, and ruched skirt.

My veil had little pearls on it which matched those in my necklace, borrowed from my mum (it's her grandma's).
For the day I had plain cream court shoes, but I got my way and had blue shoes for the evening - and they were sparkly! I knew I wouldn't last in heels all day. Just as well, they managed to rub despite all the wearing in. Bridesmaid to the rescue with blister plasters.

I mentioned my tiara in a previous post, and even up to the day I still wasn't completely sure about it. I felt it was one of those decisions I had made without thinking and was slightly concerned that it wasn't what I'd been thinking of. But having spent more hours than sensible looking for alternatives and just coming up with variations on a theme, I decided there were other things which were more important - my sanity for one.
One of my favourite photos

Top photo from one of my pals, others from our photographer Sam Kesteven

Saturday, 10 July 2010

I just wanted to post a pic of the present J got me on our wedding day

Image from Rob Ryan

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Part 4 - reception 2

It has been nearly a month, I'm stuck right back into work, my name is changed on some things, but people are still talking about the wedding when they see us.

Back to the story...

As the evening guests started to arrive and we has our coffee and homemade tablet, the men did the speeches. Starting with my dad, who can be a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to public speaking, especially I thought, when he was a bit emotional. But it was suitably funny, soppy and full of advice (lists was the key thing). He managed to embarrass me by mentioning my secret shame from when I was 11 (I failed my cycling proficiency test!) while also make me feel like his special little girl.

J's speech was very funny, and I have the scrap of paper he made his notes on in my box of wedding bits. But it was also poignant as he raised a glass to absent friends.

The best men did a double act which worked perfectly with one doing the funny stuff and the other playing the straight man. They even managed to rib me with a joke about a silly comment I made some months back and had forgotten about.

After welcoming the evening guests we stepped onto the dance floor for our first dance. We danced to a cover of Elvis' Can't help falling in love with you by the Eels. Suitably classic but also suitably obscure and us. We asked the best men to dance with the bridesmaids, my parents and my brother to dance with J's mum, and for them to join us after a few bars into the song, which was lovely.
The dancing then proceeded through the evening with music from J's friend as DJ. This was a great idea as he knew what we like so well. We had a great mix of indie classics, motown, 60s and dancefloor fillers. No cheese was the rule!

The evening was so much fun, catching up with people, having photos, chatting and never having a dry glass. But it ended and we were taken to our proper black cab to take us to our hotel.

J had booked the hotel and I had the choice whether to know where we were going - but I chose to have a surprise. We went to Clerkenwell to The Rookery hotel, where a chilled bottle of champagne was waiting for us. It is on a pedestrianised street so the taxi had to drop us at the end of the road, and people were looking at us as we walked past in our finery. Someone shouted 'will you marry me?!' 'Too late mate' was J's response.

The next day we caught up with some friends for brunch, opened presents, and had a good read of all the lovely comments in our guest book, which my sister had organised. Sunday was such a chilled happy day, basking in our new found situation.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Part 3 - the reception 1

After our mad bus trip from the church to the venue - which got a lot of waves and a few bus geek photographers (who knows how they found out about it!)  - we arrived to a round of applause from museum patrons, and were handed yummy peach bellinis.

We then got the photos out of the way, largely painless, and even had a group photo of everyone. The photographer made everyone shout "sex!" instead of cheese. My shock will probably be evident on my face in the photo.

J and I were then taken off for a few minutes to do some shots of us, including by the walrus and the totem pole.

The sun was shining and the drinks were flowing. I was pleased with my mingling skills!
We had canapes (kudos to the staff who always made sure J and I got them first).

Everyone was then invited to sit for dinner by our toastmaster aka one of our friends from Uni. On our way to our seats we cut our croquembouche using the toastmaster's Sgian Dubh.

I had been so looking forward to our food since the tasting, and we got plenty of compliments on our choices. Our wine choices went well too.

Photo by one of our guests

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Blogs which have kept me going

I have read a lot of magazines, websites and particularly blogs as I have gone through these last 20 or so months.
Some of the blogs have come and gone, but some I have stuck with. I thought I would share:

There have been others and I'm sure there are some I have visited and never noted down, but these are the ones which stuck with me to the end.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Part 2 - the ceremony

We arrived at the church slightly early so parked up the road a bit and Dad jumped out to go and check everything was hunky-dory. This was the first moment when I was really nervous, and as always when I'm nervous I needed the loo. The same had happened on Friday evening as we pulled up to the church so my bridesmaids had thought it was very funny to buy me some incontinence pads.

Anyway, everything was fine, and the men were told to go and take their seats in the front row. We pulled the bus forward, and had a couple of minutes to grab some photos with the buses, like a traditional father-daughter photo plus one of me on the back of the Routemaster (one of the key ones on my list for the day).

Then it was time to go. Mum said a quick prayer before we walked up towards the church to be met by the vicar,and then she headed inside. I had managed to get my shoe stuck between paving slabs on the path but this was a minor hitch, it did relieve my nerves somewhat as we all laughed.

We lined up by the door and I could see a couple of friends in the back row, suddenly the nerves hit. As the music started and we took our first step I had a sudden lurch in my stomach and thought I was going to cry. I was glad of my veil, and very glad I looked up to see J waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I managed to hold it together although through the first hymn my legs were shaking so much I thought I must have looked ridiculous.

The service was lovely and was very personal. It was great to have a vicar who had got to know us over the last couple of years, so he was able to relate to the people who were there with us.

In no time at all we were pronounced man and wife and kissing to a round of applause from all our friends and family. A lovely moment.

I didn't see but people keep telling me how almost everyone was crying at some point in the service, even my normally very together dad! For some people it seemed that it was the music that did it; I wasn't aware when we picked it, but one of our hymns was my great-grandma's favourite so this was rather poignant for some people, plus my mum was set off by my processional music which was the same as she had, Pachelbel's Canon in D.

We were not being followed by another wedding so made the most of a bit of time in the church vestibule catching up with everyone. From the photos I have seen I was looking rather crazy and certainly felt a bit like that too. I was quite speechless and so happy. It is also very strange being in the situation where you know (just about) everyone in the room and they all want to talk to you.

Just as we were doing this someone pointed outside - another bus. This time a Maltese bus, due to J's heritage, which had been renovated and shipped over! So our full fleet of 3 buses was ready to take us to our venue, J and I in the Maltese bus, the family in the green bus and the rest of the guests on the Routemaster...

--- more ---
It's funny what you include and don't when writing up something like this.
I thought I would also add that the rest of the music was lovely - we had the traditional Orthodox Cherubic hymn when signing the register, and we left the church to the Grand March from Verdi's Aida.
The readings were done by my grandma and J's uncle, which was really lovely.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Last Saturday

Last Saturday all went wonderfully. I could put that down to perfect planning from us, but I think in fact it was a combination of planning, good suppliers, help from friends and family and a bit of good luck.

Firstly, the weather was lovely. After it was rather cold and overcast all week, the day was almost completely dry (apart from 2 minutes when leaving my flat) and despite a few clouds it was relatively sunny, perfect for hanging around outside as planned. I didn't put my cardi on until I was leaving at 11pm.

Next, nothing went noticeable wrong, or at all really.

So, a bit about the day. I'll start from the beginning...

We had had a busy week, with various people staying and enjoying our week off. There was some organising to do but mainly we filled the time catching up with friends, going to gigs and collecting people from stations. There were a couple of minor issues (like family illness causing a couple of late drop outs), hence the post but generally there was nothing to report.

By the time it got to Friday we were organised and I managed to fit in a couple of hours of me time. I would heartily recommend this!
In the evening we had the rehearsal at the church and then J and I headed our own ways. This was only marred by my little bro, who had major delivery duties on Saturday morning, being an hour and a quarter late (i.e. missed it completely) despite seemingly being less than a mile away through most of that time!
Once we had collected the beer and got the cars packed up we got over that and headed back to my flat with my bridesmaids. We ordered takeaway - quite healthy Turkish, yum! - drank champagne, gossiped and then watched a film.

I woke up on Saturday morning feeling calm and got myself into the shower. We headed to the hairdressers in the sun and were done in there quite quickly. In the end I really liked my tiara, my hair was really natural and the tiara added to the outfit perfectly.

In the meantime the florist had been to the flat (early, while noone was there! Luckily the flowers were left with a note in the hallway) and as it was about 11.30 we had plenty of time to get ready. An early lunch and then we started to get sorted.

Somehow the next hour disappeared and at 12.50 my dad called to say he was outside. I was still wearing my jeans and the bms were half dressed. 'No rush' he said, so we continued to get ready.

I must say I'm glad the photographer wasn't at the flat while we were getting ready on Saturday morning. The place was a bit of a mess with cases on the floor and the kitchen full of flowers, plus with people coming and going, but it was so good to be in familiar surroundings while getting ready. For one thing I'm sure I would have forgotten something!

Finally, I got dressed and after a couple of quick photos we went downstairs. Putting my shoes on at the door (I live on the second floor, I couldn't cope on the stairs!) I waited for my dad with an umbrella. A couple of people walked past and did a double take!

Dad collected me and walked me to my transport - a vintage bus, the first of a collection on the day (more about that later, the picture shows the one I arrived on) and once we were all aboard we headed off to the church. It was so nice travelling with my parents and bridesmaids, and I enjoyed the reactions of people as we drove past.

Next up - the church

Friday, 21 May 2010

Just back from honeymoon...

I realise the post I put up last week was less than happy. Apart from a couple of short episodes the preparation week was good fun, with friends and relatives around us, a couple of gigs and even time for a manicure*.

The day itself went wonderfully, and our few days away have been the most relaxing ever.

I'll post more as I have time.

*BTW a week on, and my nails still look great, that's what comes of going to Nails Inc, courtesy of a birthday present from my friends. I went for a pastel pink called Birdcage Walk (although I can't find that one on the website)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

It's wedding time

Right now, I'm getting married!

Image from Ryan Feerer

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Feeling slightly stressed today. The 'everything's ok' facade has fallen.

This has the feeling of a runaway train, which I am not at all in control of.

But chief BM had words of wisdom to calm me down.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

T-1 week

A week to go. At exactly 2pm I just happened to be driving past the church, which was really exciting.

Well, I've finished work and have just made my final to-do list. It now fits on one page and has everything allocated to a day and person.

The more complicated bit seems to be working out who is where at what time, and who is staying at our flat. I think we have different people each night. I might try and make it like a sleepover in the lounge to save on changing the beds!

Thursday, 6 May 2010


I think I had underestimated how excited I would be, at just over a week to go.

I did however have a wobble (my first proper one) earlier in the week, but I think that was a mixture of feeling generally emotional and wedding worries.

My to do list is not that long, and tomorrow is my last day at work. So feeling happy!

Also, feeling much better about my tiara after my hair appointment today

Saturday, 1 May 2010

It's May!

I didn't realise I had gone quiet. It's not  that I've been run off my feet busy or anything...I just forgot to write.

So, 2 weeks to go, and we're feeling quite organised. I keep getting packages in  the post containing interesting and useful things for the big day. Yesterday it was peach puree for the drinks reception bellinis,and today my special etsy necklaces for the girls.

We're not really feeling stressed - but this seems to be what everyone expects from me! I guess I'm just chilled out about it, focussed on the bigger picture and super organised.

Today, we went to scope out the reception venue again to check where we fancy having our photos done. It was quite sunny and it seemed so lovely. They were just setting up for another wedding which made it seem even more real.

We picked up our rings last weekend, and J wore his home just to make sure he was going to get used to it.

My dress is so close to being ready. Plus my veil and tiara arrived today. I need to do some persuading myself of my headdress, I'm still only 99% behind it. But then I tell myself I'm worrying over nothing.

My mum has also been great (on top of making the dress) and made a start on 5 cravat/scrunchie ties.

I think we are nearly there. It's just a case of paying for everything now

Friday, 16 April 2010

Spotted: Souris Mariage

I just spotted this and thought I would reblog it here
Find the original here: "

1. My perfect day
2. A fairy-tale wedding
3. Best of all
4. Better than anything
5. The best day of my life
6. The best ever

1. Fun
2. Personal
3. Meaningful
4. Sweet
5. Celebratory
6. Us

I completely agree!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

One month to go

Only one month to go, and I'm feeling chilled and relaxed (yes, both).
I had a meeting with the caterer yesterday, so I'm happy that all those bits are in order. I'm just going to have a bash at a table plan

The little things left can be done, or not, I don't think it matters now

Big things left:

  • pick up rings
  • finalise ceremony wording/ prayers
  • shoes for J
  • pick up veil etc
  • get flowers organised

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Another productive day

I went down today with bms in tow so they could try their dresses. Man, do they look great! The colour is excellent, such a springlike shade, but nice and bold, and suits them both so well. Once they have had a few final adjustments, they will be done

While we were at the shop (because they are so helpful) I thought I'd have a look at veils and hair pieces. It's all very well trawling the internet for these things but it is very difficult to imagine what they might feel like on, as they are not things I am used to wearing.

I tried about 10 veils, all different lengths and with different edges and detailing. I have gone for a wrist length ivory veil with pearls through it. I didn't go for one with a heavy edge as it would distract from the dress, and it appeared to blend in better rather than be the feature in itself. The pearls just add a bit of 'special' without being too blingy. Plus they will go with my great-grandma's pearls I am borrowing from my mum for the day.

Once I tried this I had to try on some hair pieces just to complete my outfit. I had said no to a tiara from day 1, but the hairband type pieces just didn't look obvious enough. The one I have gone for is a bit like this...

It was really nice for mum that the ladies in the shop complemented my dress. She has been expressing concerns that people will think it looks 'too homemade', much to our protestations, but I think this has sorted her out now!

We got a load of extra fabric just in case, so we are going to make ruche ties for the guys. The ties they have ordered are really not going to match, or they are going to look too green (which would never do, football-wise!). Another fun task for the week before the wedding.

I also popped to the jewellers and he said our rings will be ready next week.

After that I had a make up trial, and so did sis and mum. I'll write more about that tomorrow.

The only annoyance today was further issues with printing (now jam jar labels), that's the most frustrating bit, but I'll get it sorted eventually. It meant I didn't get to finish the favours, looks like I will be doing this later.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Gift list open

Our gift list is now open and it is J who is obsessively checking it.

I'm still finding it weird that people are buying us gifts; like I don't deserve them.

I am happy to say though that it is some of the items I added (cake stand, sewing box) which my friends have gone for early on :-)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


The RSVP deadline has passed and we have now (almost) got official numbers for the wedding breakfast (why is it breakfast? I usually don't eat lamb and profiteroles for brekkie!).

But some people haven't replied, so need tactful chasing

Other tasks for this week include finalising flowers and sorting out the delivery of the croquembouche. We also need to order DJ equipment and I have a busy day on Saturday planned with my bridesmaids.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


My sister got me a box full of presents at my hen do, each one had a label on:

  • For tomorrow morning - hangover teabags
  • Because I know you will need them - tissues
  • Maltese wedding favours - Malteasers
  • For that Bridezilla  moment - chocolate chill pill
  • Something old to stick with tradition - sixpence
  • Your wish is our command - magic wand
  • We'll treat you like a princess - tiara
  • Something to help you relax before the big day - bath bomb
  • To help you survive the big day - blister plasters and party feet
  • Something to have a giggle over - Victorian marriage advice book
  • A money saving idea...grow your own bouquet - sunflower seeds
  • Courtesy of the Horniman Museum - wind up snail (I HATE snails)
  • Something blue - Rangers garter
This last one was the best and will be a lovely surprise on the day

I was also given some rude bits from my friends, to make me feed uncomfortable

Plus, when I got home one of my friends had sent me some flowers (from the lovely Jane Packer)

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I'm just writing this as I print my evening invite inserts. I've just spent the last 3 hours making the invites themselves.

Now it's double sided time - what a nightmare! I've already gone through this once with the full invites, I should have learned

Update - I think I have finally cracked it. Little did I know that printers are not built to print centrally on pages and have a trailing edge which is larger. This means you have to print off centre.
How stupid is that

These WILL go out tomorrow (well, the work ones anyway)

Monday, 29 March 2010

Hen do

On Saturday it was my hen do, organised brilliantly by my bridesmaids. My pals (including my mum and J's mum) all managed to keep quiet and the day's entertainment was a complete surprise to me. I was just told to be at the tube station at a particular time dressed smartly, and I'd be taken along to the first venue.

The first venue was the Connaught hotel, where we had afternoon tea. So delicious, especially as I've not been eating treats through Lent. Starting off with champagne, then moving on to unending tea (my choice a white tea called silver needle) with sandwiches, scones (apricot ones - great idea) and homemade jam, and plenty of cakes. So filling! Afterwards the staff brought me a plate which said congratulations in chocolate sauce and a choccie on the side - yum.

My sister had put together a box of presents for me, including a tiara and magic wand to wear for the day, as well as useful bits for the day like blister plasters, a sixpence and hangover tea. My other bm had got sparkly cabaret masks for everyone to wear.

After a stop off for some cocktails at a bar, we then went on to Kitsch Cabaret at Madame JoJo's (appropriate name!), which was great fun and had everyone singing along and clapping - even the mums.

They took us to a club from there where we boogied the night away to cheesy tunes.

It was so nice to see all my friends together in one place. It was slightly scary when people were saying goodbye and they said 'next time we see you will be at the church!'!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

This week

Seems this blog is coming down to weekly summaries of what I've been up to, now that it's getting closer. This is partly because I have to be more focussed and cannot get distracted by all the other weddings/ inspiration out there, and second, I don't have any more time.

Anyway, this week has entailed

  • another dress fitting - it's nearly there, having doubts about the sash now as the waistband as it is doesn't really give itself to having one,
  • a meeting with the vicar to sort out ceremony details like wording, readings etc,
  • a trip to Ikea to buy candle holders for the reception venue,
  • tried on mum's Grandmother's pearls, which I am borrowing for the wedding. They are so pretty.
  • decided against using mum's veil - it's too white for my dress
  • started cutting out lots of circles of fabric for the jam lids
  • got a second florists quote, slightly more expensive but includes hire of vases for centrepieces, and I suspect a little more artistic flair than the other florist
This week is going to involve more circle cutting (only about 80 to go) and fretting about my hen night dress not arriving in time.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Productive day today

Another dress fitting, with shoes this time. I got these ones - the same as I had last year for being a bridesmaid. Boring, perhaps but they were comfy and comfort is key.

I went shopping as well today with little sis AKA bridesmaid. We managed to get her some shoes, pashminas for both bridesmaids, a hairband for the other bridesmaid and ribbon for the bunting and favours.

In addition, I have priced up candles/ vases/ holders in the bargain basement that is Asda home. I'll be able to do a comparison after a trip to Ikea next weekend.

J's away on his stag as we speak, which makes me slightly nervous - it always seemed a long way in the future!

Image from Pink

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hen night dress

I don't know what the plan is for my hen do. I know who is on the guest list and I know where I need to meet everyone. I also know I need to dress up.

I saw this dress ages ago in the wonderful new Anthropologie store in London, but it was just too expensive to buy for no reason.

It then vanished from their website, around the time I started looking for something to wear for the do - typical!

Having dreamed about it for the last week or so, and having checked with my sis that it looked suitable, I spent ages looking for it online, and managed to find out there were a couple left but in American sizes. I have no idea what size I would be.

I went along to the store tonight to see if it was about. Hoping against hope that it would be on a sale rail.
It wasn't, it was still on the main shop floor - boo! I tried it on (I know, dangerous!) and it was lovely, although was getting quite worked up in the fitting room, with one of those dress-stuck-with-arms-in-the-air moments until I found the zip (phew).

I put it on hold until tomorrow and then just about ran home to see if it was still available online. And hooooooooray it was. I've just ordered it, slightly cheaper than it was here, although not as cheap as if I had gone and got it in the sale in an American store. But I'm not cheering too much until I have it in my grubby paws.

Planning on wearing it with a yellow cardi and shoes. Possibly need to get a bag too...

UPDATE - I got it, had to pick it up from the post office but it is now in my possession. Hurrah!

Image from Anthropologie

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Gift list

We went to John Lewis last week to select items for our gift list. It is as fun as everyone tells you, like you are on a spree! But I flitted between emotions feeling at one minute like I was actually going to walk out with everything we selected to the next when I realised we were actually going to leave the shop empty handed...for now.

We were quite organised and had made a list of what we were looking for before we went. This was just as well as I could tell that otherwise we would have scanned everything.

A couple of days later we added more stuff online. I can tell it is going to be quite addictive watching as people buy items and we have to keep an eye on what is left for others.

Thinking about what people might buy/ spend is an intriguing part, especially as some of our friends are not married yet and are likely to think of this as an indicator of what they might expect in return (not that our friends are that mercenary!).

Although I sometimes feel it is a bit weird that people are buying us gifts, and it certainly is not the reason we are doing all this, I can't wait for it to open.

Image from stock.xchng user kalico

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Finally got some movement on flowers, after being fobbed off by 2 florists - one didn't call me when they said they would after not keeping an appointment (unreliable!) and the other kept telling me to come back 'after Valentines', 'after Mother's day'... but then they tell me they won't deliver as far as the venue. Pah!

But I have managed to visit two great florists this week who have been enthusiastic and helpful.
I'm just waiting for a final quote from one before I have to make a decision on which to use.

So, we've decided on a mixture of mini sunflowers, lilies, and gerberas, with some white tiny daisy things (not sure what they're called).

I also like black eyed susan if the gerberas aren't the right colours.

Centre pieces will look a bit like this, but with the candle in a hurricane vase

Monday, 1 March 2010


We have decided to do mini jars of marmalade as favours. They will also double as our table place names, sitting on the place setting.

Here's some inspiration:

I've already got some fabric for the tops, which I will also use for bunting, but I'll have to get some more.
Four boxes of jam jars are ready and waiting at my parents' house, and we're planning to make the marmalade over Easter weekend - should be fun!

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Update: 11 weeks to go

I completely missed the 100 days to go, the 3 months to go and any other significant days from which I could count down. And now we are in the final weeks, I'm glad I had a productive weekend to stave off any worries!

We managed to get our banns organised at our parish church (major legal requirement!) and I went for a dress fitting with my mum.
My dad says he has all the transport organised, so we can check that off the list.

Some slight concerns about no-one having had any info about my hen night which is in 3 weeks, but there's little I can do as it's all a surprise for me. My sister is on it, so I guess I don't need to worry.

This week will involve:
evening invite making
visiting florists
buying shoes

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Finally got our Croquembouche ordered after one cancelled order.

We went to where we should have gone to start with, Patisserie Valerie, as that is where we saw them in the window. They like to hide the fact they do delivery of wedding cakes.

It'll be like this minus the fruit.

Looking forward to it - yum!
Just need to sort out the sword for lopping off the top

It's a traditional French wedding cake, and usually the bride and groom smash the top while the bridesmaids hold the tablecloth to catch the pieces. Struggling to find a picture of people actually doing that though!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Rings bought

I forgot to post about our wedding rings

We bought them at a little independent shop in my home town. It's just one guy who makes them all there.
They were cheaper than we had seen in London.

Our choices are a bit like these:
This is James' (although in yellow gold)

And mine

Friday, 12 February 2010


We went for our tasting yesterday, with 2 bottles of wine in hand (which went wonderfully!) and it was all so good.
Which is really good news. I wasn't concerned that it wouldn't be, but there's always a niggle when you're paying so much.

Can't wait to eat it all again!

We also asked about our cheese table, which will be the 'evening food'. We wanted to check it wasn't just going to be a hunk of cheddar. As soon as he said the cheese is going to come from Neal's Yard I relaxed.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


The first invites have arrived with people this week and we've had some really good feedback.
One friend we saw said 'they must have cost you a pretty penny', to which I replied 'well, two weekends work and a computer printer', and let's just say she was surprised they weren't professionally produced.

That's a compliment!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Invites: all done

We finished all the invites yesterday and they were posted off today.
Kudos to all the family who dug in to help out (even if it was just cups of tea).
This was them all ready to go.

 And below is what they look like when they are opened.

On the front we have the wedding date in Roman numerals, to go with the sundial theme (because of the collection of sundials at the museum).
The pockets were hand made out of ivory card, and the edges touched with a blue ink pad. The pockets were stuck closed with removable glue dots.

The inserts and invite text were printed on ivory paper. Then there was an RSVP card in the pack too.
The names and envelopes were handwritten, and we added record cover stamps.
I can't wait for the responses to start rolling in.

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Friday, 29 January 2010


I updated the bridesmaid dress picture so it is the right colour. It'll have an ivory sash, but I'm not that good on photoshop!

Also, do you ever have a day where you just search for a picture but you can't remember where you saw it!? Irritating...

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Spotted: pretty bride with pretty dress

I so want to look like this on the day...

Image by Nancy Jagelka from (via A Practical Wedding)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

This weekend

This was a big weekend, with plenty of stuff getting crossed off the big to-do list:

  • got final pattern and fabric etc for my dress
  • discussed transport and logistics with my parents - we will definitely have a bus to transport people to the church and to/from the reception
  • got them and my grandparents booked into a hotel
  • decided on favours and bought some bits to go towards these (more soon)
  • got started on invites (why are printers so irritating, why do they never print things the size you want and only run out of ink when you are doing something important?!)
  • bought bridesmaid dresses (big yay!)

This is it:

From Hilary Morgan
Not in this colour though, it will be blue with an ivory sash (so the opposite way round to mine).
It was not too stressful getting the dresses, despite my concerns with both bridesmaids telling me they are not the easiest when it comes to clothes. I thought I was going to have some major self esteem issues on my hands.
But, both girls, independently, went up to this dress first in the shop, and remained happy once they tried it on.
We went to another shop but didn't see anything which grabbed us (plus all the dresses were in tiny sizes so we couldn't really try them on) and we kept saying 'it's not as nice as the first dress!'. So we went back and ordered them.
We'll also get 2m extra fabric in the blue, to make a halterneck strap for one bridesmaid, my sash and some cravats for the boys. I'm waiting for my swatch of fabric, but in the mean time I've got plenty else to do.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Shoe love

I wasn't planning on spending this much on shoes, but these from Rachel Simpson are lovely.

Needs some more thought...

Image from Rachel Simpson

Monday, 18 January 2010

Wedding prep day

Very helpfully, our church runs a wedding prep day in January each year. This lets us sort out all the paperwork, meet the vicar (which wasn't so useful for us as we already know them, but for some people who don't usually attend this is very important), meet the musical director and have a bit of a marriage preparation session.

It was also great to meet other couples from the local area who are getting married in the next few months. We even met the couple who are getting married right before us (i.e. at 12:30 on the same day) at our church. This means we can share the flowers in the church with them.

Although we didn't actually sort out much, we came away feeling much more prepared - so the day fulfilled its purpose

Sunday, 17 January 2010

4 months to go

It may appear that I have been thinking a lot and not actually doing anything - which is partly true! But I also have a 3 page to do list stuck on the back of the kitchen door, where I will see it everyday, telling me what I still have to do.

We have managed to sort out quite a bit in the last couple of weeks though:

  • favours - home made marmalade
  • bridesmaid dress shopping - next weekend
  • wedding prep day at church done - more about that shortly
  • dress toile tried on (it's really getting there!)
  • music and hymns for ceremony decided
  • readers and readings decided
  • meeting with vicar booked
  • discussed my hair with hairdressers (so glad it is simple)
  • organised date for tasting
The main things left are making my dress, getting bridesmaids kitted out and getting all the guys to get theirs booked, plus the cake/ croquembouche, making the invites and flowers. So not that much?!!??!

Monday, 11 January 2010


I popped to the shops today to look round the sales, as I hadn't yet - waste of time. I should have known, as there was nothing good before Christmas.

Nevertheless, it was slightly productive. I went to Debenhams to check out the colour of tie the boys are having. I didn't trust the colour in the brouchure to be realistic.

But how to check the colour?! I took some paint swatches I had picked up a while back (for crafting) and luckily one matched.

So this is it - not a bad match to reality. On left is catalogue colour and on right the paint chip.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dress trying on

My mum battled through the snow yesterday to come and see me and help to fit the toile of my wedding dress - the mockup which is key to making the pattern.

It is already looking just like I imagined, even while it is made out of thin cotton and doesn't do up at the back.

We got a bit over excited and I put on the hairband I had when a bridesmaid last year (which I might still use) plus mum's veil, which I'm planning on using.  It's a bit long and I'm sure I'll trip over it, but we got the idea. It all seems even more real now.

I would post a picture, but I'm not ready to flash my underwear on the internet just yet!

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