Sunday, 17 January 2010

4 months to go

It may appear that I have been thinking a lot and not actually doing anything - which is partly true! But I also have a 3 page to do list stuck on the back of the kitchen door, where I will see it everyday, telling me what I still have to do.

We have managed to sort out quite a bit in the last couple of weeks though:

  • favours - home made marmalade
  • bridesmaid dress shopping - next weekend
  • wedding prep day at church done - more about that shortly
  • dress toile tried on (it's really getting there!)
  • music and hymns for ceremony decided
  • readers and readings decided
  • meeting with vicar booked
  • discussed my hair with hairdressers (so glad it is simple)
  • organised date for tasting
The main things left are making my dress, getting bridesmaids kitted out and getting all the guys to get theirs booked, plus the cake/ croquembouche, making the invites and flowers. So not that much?!!??!


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