Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I'm trying to enjoy the fact I can finally look at wedding stuff without looking desparate or scaring the other half! But there is so much out there.

As soon as I got engaged I got a bridal magazine to get me started and then had a scoot around the web.

I decided to sign up to The Knot and Confetti, plus I like to have a look at Bridalwave, Wedding magazine site, and Brides magazine site.
I thought I'd do a quick rundown of them here:

The Knot is my favourite I think, despite being all American, which means that a lot of the retailers and local info is of no use. However, there is so much to look at, including many beautiful pictures of all aspects you can imagine, and helpful advice.
There are also planning tools such as a budgeter and guest list manager.
I also really like this one because as part of signing up (it's all free) you also get signed up to The Nest, which is all about your new home and life togetehr, which I think is such a lovely (and important) aspect which gets overlooked so often.

Confetti is probably the UK's version of this one, with similar tools and advice (but it is always better to get a second opinion by checkign 2 sites instead of just 1 isn't it!). It's a bit salesy as it is linked to their shops.

Bridalwave is a blog of news which is sometimes useful, showing off accessories, dresses and high street bridesmaid-ware.

Wedding magazine is a bit pink, which puts me off at first. It's a bit simplistic but it has nice pictures and competitions.

Brides magazine is a conde nast magazine, so if you like Glamour, Vogue etc then this might suit. It has a good mix of information and piccies, plus more competitions!

So it depends what you are looking for exactly.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Some advice

I have saved this page of advice since it was written from a blog I really enjoy reading.

I must remember to take this advice!


We got engaged 3 weeks ago today and I needed a way to keep my thoughts organised as I get overwhelmed by all the excitement and opportunities for our wedding day.

I'm not very good at organising things usually so I really need to keep on top of this one, that is alongside work and everything else.

This is also going to be a place to put all those things which, if money were no object, or if we were having a very different type of wedding we could have.

At the moment there is no specific date and only vague budgets, numbers and ideas. But hopefully we can see it all come together here


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