Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Chatting weddings, as I do, with J while we were watching Four Weddings...

We were discussing what we thought of the communal/ interactive elements of the day. We have one idea which is still a surprise even to family and will not be announced until much closer to the time. But, in terms of guest books and favours, we're not convinced. We're just not into the soppy messages which get blurted out at every wedding everyone goes to, with perhaps a name change if you are lucky (yes, we are quite a cynical couple), but also do not see the point in something we are only going to look at a couple of times ever.

So I set myself the task of looking at alternatives:from style me pretty

from kiss the groom

J liked the idea of the photo booth or polaroid guest book - which kills both the guest comment and photo birds with one stone. I think I forget that he doesn't scour the wedding blogs/ magazines like I do and hasn't seen this however many times I have. All those others who aren't getting married right now - maybe they will think it is new/ original too!

Sunday, 19 July 2009


We're making our own invitations, and thought, now we have everything booked up, that we could start to make them. The more we do now, the better.

We are doing pocketfolds, with info and RSVP cards in the pocket. Reasonably modern on cream card with blue details.

Much like these from the Knot
I made a first mock up, but managed to leave it with my mum before I took any pictures of it

I'm now looking for a way to emboss some detail

Image from the Knot

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

TV weddings

I ended up watching the film Confetti on Sunday night, which was quite funny. It was always one I said I'd get round to watching, starring as it does a number of funny British comedy actors.

It is about three couples competing for a magazine 'Most original wedding of the year' contest. The three weddings are themed tennis, musicals and naturist!

I then ended up watching Four weddings on Living last night. This was the same thing but real life. Four couples competed, except the weddings didn't have to be original, they just had to be rated by the other brides.

Plenty of ideas of what not to do! Obviously they are going to pick ones which make more interesting TV, but they were all a little odd

Friday, 10 July 2009

Spotted: Maps

I love maps (yes, I'm a geek) as does J (yes, he's a geek too!) but I never considered combining them with my wedding! This great post at project wedding shows how it can be done with flair - and diy!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Dress shopping 2

I was dress trying on at the weekend, with mum and my sister (also a bridesmaid). We went to Johanna Hehir in Marylebone, London as this was where I saw the first dress I really liked.

It was a lot more relaxed than the previous trying session (I guess that's what you get at a designer boutique) and we started by looking through the style books and letting them get an idea of what I liked/ didn't like. I did start to worry for a moment as I hadn't seen the dress, but it was, happily, on the last page of the last book!

I tried 5 dresses in all, starting with one which was a bit different to what I thought I was looking for - just to rule it out (or not).
It's the one on the right of this picture. It has cute short sleeves which I liked and a light skirt, kind of evening dress style. And that's what I thought when I put it on - not quite a wedding dress for me.
Dress 2 was more what I was expecting and was the dress! I was really excited to finally try it on. And it definitely did the business! Enough that I couldn't stop grinning! Once a veil (reminder to self - elbow length, not full length - looked Victorian!) got plonked on my head, that was it!I tried it with some different belts, one coloured ribbon and two embellished sparkly belts. Although I was quite convinced by adding some colour before, I really liked the beaded ones.

Once I was persuaded to take it off, I tried another - and then got confused!This one is again v-neck, but has a beaded lace top. I had discounted lace as I think it looks too fussy for me, but this dress confused me. It is really beautiful and I thought it was lovely. Almost as lovely as the dress.

Mum said yes it was beautiful, but it wasn't me. It was bride but it wasn't Jo the bride. I totally agreed. I would never normally go for lace and things so why break the habit of a lifetime!

The next one didn't do it for me like the previous two, although it was still lovely. It had little cap sleeves and a scoop neck. I preferred the v neck on me.

I did however like the puddle train.
The last one was a strapless a-line dress, to which was added a lace shrug (to get over church/ MIL strapless issues). The beading around the neckline was pretty and delicate, but the cut wasn't right on me.I had another quick try of the dress (cue more smiles).

Indecisiveness - who needs it!...
Now, I have to decide what to do next. It would be so simple to just buy this one, although it is expensive (even if I get it cheaper through their website).

I didn't ask if we could take pictures, and got rather distracted once we'd started so all the pictures are from their website.

Sunday, 5 July 2009


It's exactly a year since we got engaged.

I'm so happy and excited.

We only get one of these days so it's really special.

This time next year I'll be Mrs M!

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