Saturday, 1 May 2010

It's May!

I didn't realise I had gone quiet. It's not  that I've been run off my feet busy or anything...I just forgot to write.

So, 2 weeks to go, and we're feeling quite organised. I keep getting packages in  the post containing interesting and useful things for the big day. Yesterday it was peach puree for the drinks reception bellinis,and today my special etsy necklaces for the girls.

We're not really feeling stressed - but this seems to be what everyone expects from me! I guess I'm just chilled out about it, focussed on the bigger picture and super organised.

Today, we went to scope out the reception venue again to check where we fancy having our photos done. It was quite sunny and it seemed so lovely. They were just setting up for another wedding which made it seem even more real.

We picked up our rings last weekend, and J wore his home just to make sure he was going to get used to it.

My dress is so close to being ready. Plus my veil and tiara arrived today. I need to do some persuading myself of my headdress, I'm still only 99% behind it. But then I tell myself I'm worrying over nothing.

My mum has also been great (on top of making the dress) and made a start on 5 cravat/scrunchie ties.

I think we are nearly there. It's just a case of paying for everything now


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