Monday, 1 February 2010

Invites: all done

We finished all the invites yesterday and they were posted off today.
Kudos to all the family who dug in to help out (even if it was just cups of tea).
This was them all ready to go.

 And below is what they look like when they are opened.

On the front we have the wedding date in Roman numerals, to go with the sundial theme (because of the collection of sundials at the museum).
The pockets were hand made out of ivory card, and the edges touched with a blue ink pad. The pockets were stuck closed with removable glue dots.

The inserts and invite text were printed on ivory paper. Then there was an RSVP card in the pack too.
The names and envelopes were handwritten, and we added record cover stamps.
I can't wait for the responses to start rolling in.

photos from my mobile


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