Saturday, 3 April 2010


My sister got me a box full of presents at my hen do, each one had a label on:

  • For tomorrow morning - hangover teabags
  • Because I know you will need them - tissues
  • Maltese wedding favours - Malteasers
  • For that Bridezilla  moment - chocolate chill pill
  • Something old to stick with tradition - sixpence
  • Your wish is our command - magic wand
  • We'll treat you like a princess - tiara
  • Something to help you relax before the big day - bath bomb
  • To help you survive the big day - blister plasters and party feet
  • Something to have a giggle over - Victorian marriage advice book
  • A money saving idea...grow your own bouquet - sunflower seeds
  • Courtesy of the Horniman Museum - wind up snail (I HATE snails)
  • Something blue - Rangers garter
This last one was the best and will be a lovely surprise on the day

I was also given some rude bits from my friends, to make me feed uncomfortable

Plus, when I got home one of my friends had sent me some flowers (from the lovely Jane Packer)


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