Friday, 27 February 2009

Short hair

I have short hair, and I'm not growing it for the wedding as I want to feel like me. Unfortunately (for me that is and not for the beautiful brides) the majority of the pictures I have seen of weddings seem to have the brides with luscious long curls or an up-do, neither of which is suitable for me. So I had a dig about and luckily came up with some inspiration.

This first one is slightly longer than my current do, but it is nice and relaxed. A little bit of sparkle too, but not a big 'crown-like' tiara.
This last one has a veil, which I am trying to persuade myself will look fine, as I have my mum's one to wear. I tried one when I went dress trying and it does make one feel suitably bridal as soon as it is attached! Images from: 1) project wedding, 2) photobucket, 3) project wedding, 4) Your best wedding, 5-7) Wedding hairstyle gallery,

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Travelling in style

Having been brought up in the bus industry (courtesy of my dad), it is only fitting that there should be a bus on the big day. I'd love a picture of me hanging off the back platform of a Routemaster! I searched around for pictures of others doing the same but didn't manage to find any.

Alternatives are also buses, including the very special 'Knightrider', which would be a link to my home town (the only one I think - I do not have much love for Maidstone!). It is a little 16 seater and cannot really get up much speed, I don't even know if it is still able to run, but it is luxurious and would be lovely for the bridal party and parents to travel in.
We need to have some kind of transport as there is no parking, and we will encourage local people to come by public transport.

Images wikipedia, busfleets

Friday, 13 February 2009

Who are the big drinkers?

We spent a fun evening yesterday going through our guest list and trying to decide how much everyone might drink! This is slightly preemptive, yes, as we haven't got a date, let alone a guest list properly, but after our meeting with the caterer at possible venue no.2 (which is creeping to top of the list) we realised we could stock our own bar, which means it can be an open bar, and we feel is this is a lovely thing to do for the guests.

I've been to weddings with open bars (but only as a child), every one since then has had a pay bar, and I have not thought twice about it. But when it was mentioned we thought "mmm..."

Aside from the fact it is nice to do, is may be cheaper overall, as we would have to pay for someone to come and run a pay bar as the venue doesn't have one (and I have no idea what the licensing implications are), plus it's not that expensive.

You are buying wine for dinner, champagne for toasts and something for when they arrive (peach bellinis please), so the cost of some extra wine and beer for the rest of the evening does not add too much.

It's fun working out who are the big drinkers too

Peach bellini image from Curbly

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Along with many others, I am not a fan of Valentine's day. It's not that I don't like the sentiment, I mean who doesn't love love?!, it's just everywhere is so full of people who should get a room!

There seem to be plenty of like minded people, and though it is too late to order most things, here is something pretty to look at.

Hand holding glove from ElleGanT on Etsy

Able and Game on Etsy

Great card from Little Brown Pen

Personalised guitar pick from J C jewelry design

Ok, so maybe I'm a bit soppy, I just don't like all that pink, squishy heart stuff.

I'm actually looking forward to Saturday (no work for a starter) as we are going to watch Breakfast at Tiffanys and having cake at the Hummingbird bakery

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


I had a badge collection when I was a kid, and so when I spotted some in the new Brides (UK) magazine got me thinking.

So I went on a search as you can see.

All I need now is to get a badgemaking machine. Ebay here I come...
Sources: SoScone on Etsy, Hunters Hideaway on Etsy, Kate* on Flickr, Button Empire on Etsy

Monday, 9 February 2009

Venue no 2

So we kissed and made up and then went to visit potential venue no.2.

This one is a Victorian conservatory in the grounds of a museum. As the snow was still sticking about it was quite cold (luckily they only do weddings April - October) but it may mean we move the date towards summer so we are more likely to get some sun.

It is a lovely space which is about perfect for our numbers, and the caterers are very well setup for doing weddings here.

There are huge gardens including a bandstand and great views over London which will be fun for photos.

So now we have to make a decision - do we go for the very flash and more expensive art gallery, or for the still individual and slightly cheaper conservatory???

If we do go for the latter, I'll have to rethink all my decor ideas, it opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

What we do know is that we have found our caterers, they were very friendly and in her own words 'brutally honest' so we know exactly what we will get, and that she'll tell us if we come up with a stupid idea.

Image from venue

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


I don't think I realised quite how expensive the reception was going to be, even after trying to budget using all the various free tools and examples online. The difficulty is the caterers and equipment hire who do not share their prices until you get a quote, which inevitably has more zeros on the end than you wanted.

The frugal side of me is starting to itch for a budget-busting "wedding under £x,000"

The problem is nowhere seems as good as our original (for this read 'dream') choice, and it, in my opinion, is pushing it in terms of price.

Decisions, decisions...

Well, we're off to see another one on Saturday, although it seems to have strange restrictions on various things, but at least the price is better.

UPDATE: This was enough to cause our first wedding related argument, uh oh!

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