Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Woah! For a minute there, a gig was coming before the wedding. Pavement are reforming and the one date is, of course, our wedding day.

But, so luckily, they have announced another date the week before. Phew!

Friday, 16 October 2009


I went to meet the caterers/ venue organisers this week, and we discussed all the details, inlcuding some menu choices.

But one thing which stuck with me was that they did a wedding recently which used bunting. I had quite fancied this, having seen some lovely pics from elsewhere but now I'm thinking seriously.

Some inspiration...

This last one is in my colours

Looks like there is plenty of choice on zig zag, not on the high street,  as well as adventino,and the cotton bunting company.

Or another diy project...

Images from flickr users holster, Laura-Elizabeth, deadheaduk, dangermain, and imedagoze, plus  the cotton bunting company

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dress design - part 2

I have just chosen my final dress design from my designer friend. It has been such fun choosing the designs and picking which bits I liked from each one to put towards the final design.

I just have to send a cheque and I get my design through so I can get someone (not sure who yet, any ideas?) to make a pattern.

This process is highly recommended, as I am getting exactly the dress I want, for a much lower cost than I would otherwise get, and it has been really fun. The only thing I didn't realise beforehand was that I wouldn't get to try it on until it is made. There is no falling for the dress when you try it on. I know I still have to wait, but I will go through the fun process of making my dress with my mum.

I'm not going to share just now, but I will eventually crack...

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