Sunday, 31 August 2008

Dress your wedding

I have been having fun with this tool at David's Bridal where you get to dress up your wedding party. I was never really into dolls and stuff but this is fun!

I've done a couple of quick ones, but keep in mind that it is not a good representation of us as people!!
I thought I'd try ones with the same dresses for all the bridesmaids and one with different for each. I can't decide what I think of these combinations, so I'll keep playing!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Too much chat

I was out with my friend who is also getting married (much sooner than we are) and I am going to be her bridesmaid. I'm helping to sort out her hen night, but that's a whole other story. Anyway, we were also out with another girl and I didn't realise how much we were talking weddings, it was only pointed out to us after she had gone. Oops! We'll have to watch out for that, I don't want to get a rep!

We were mainly chatting about the details, such as our shoes which we are having custom coloured by Rainbow Club. I haven't tried the dress on yet, so I'm not sure which shoes to go for.

The dress is going to be like this one from Alfred Angelo, I think. I've been told the colour (raisin) is actually darker than it appears on screen. Can't wait to try it on!

And relax...

I feel a bit more relaxed this week as we have been in touch with some people who have given us a bit more guidance over what is possible ceremony-wise. We're just planning a meeting with the vicar so we can discuss our arrangements, but it is definitely sounding more positive.


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Blue love

I love love love this inspiration board on The Finer Things blog for their 25th Wedding Wednesdays!

Makes me feel secure in my want of a blue wedding...They posted more blue boards, based on the invite in the top row, during the day yesterday. Beautiful!

Yes, I know I said I was stopping looking while the first crisis is happening, but those blog posts don't stop arriving!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

First signs of stress

The week started off well as we visited what will now be come known as the dream venue. It is beautiful, has a great layout and everything we need. The location seems at first glance to also be great.

But then the realisation struck about the ceremony. I was doing as my very detailed and helpful to do list instructed for the 12-18 month period before W-day, and checking out the legal side of getting married. I checked the legalities of church and civil ceremonies, and only at that point found out that we can't make a civil ceremony into the religious one which would suit our complex needs, in fact you can't make it religious at all. How did I not know that? When I mentioned to my mum she said "well, yes, of course!", just me not knowing them.

So that put paid to the idea of getting someone (ideally the minister from the church we went to at University) to do the service, and a prayer from J's cousin, while the registrar can just sit and watch. But no, that's not allowed. So simply put, that is ruled out, I'm not getting married, the most important day, without God being mentioned.

Next steps, to find a church we can agree on, and preferably one which will let us arrange the service how we want. Not an easy task. I've been trying to look for information but struggling apart from the CofE, and we're hoping not to have to get married under that denomination as it's about as far away from our views as you can get, apart from maybe Catholicism.

Everything else is on hold, all the looking at dresses and flowers is just for my own fun at this stage. Until we have a ceremony organised I am not happy.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Engagement

I haven't written anything about the actual engagement, so I thought it was about time.

J (the h2b - that's so exciting to write!) had been away for the week visiting friends and family, so we had planned a lovely day out on the Saturday he was back. I'd bought tickets for the Psycho Buildings exhibition we both wanted to see at the Hayward Gallery, which was good fun.

Then because it was a lovely day we wandered around the South Bank looking at the photos on the National Theatre roof terrace (Alan Williams photos as on the right) and on the outside of the Tate Modern, before heading down to our favourite local in Crofton Park, Jam Circus.

Then just down the road for an always yummy dinner at the Toadsmouth too (see left). Bargainacious, delicious and plenty of wine!

All this, however, was just a precursor for the biggest surprise of my life, as I plonked myself on the sofa, J went, I thought, to take his shoes off. Coming back into the lounge he bent down on one knee and presented me with a beautiful ring.

Between bursting into tears and remembering to breathe, I managed to say "Are you serious?", after the number of times we have joked around and dismissed the idea as "not yet, we're too young", I wasn't sure, despite the ring in his hand.

When he gently reminded me I hadn't given him an answer yet, I said "of course!". I then asked "where did that come from?", meaning the proposal, but he thought I meant the ring and answered me the the name of the jewellers.

And then the fun started! We luckily had some cava in the fridge (well you never know when you might need some!) and then we started phoning round the relatives. Mine took 4 separate phone calls to reach them all as they were spread across the country at their various pursuits, but all were so happy. I cried each time I told someone!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Blue shoes

My mum won't let me wear my blue shoes on the big day! They are the colour I would love the bridesmaids to wear.

It's early days I know, so the plan might change. I think coloured shoes might look quite fun

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Initial ideas

I have a few initial ideas, but bearing in mind these are all before any details are organised at all, before having a venue, date, or trying on any dresses.

I would like the bridesmaids in blue

I would like pale flowers - or possibly really bright ones - but only in blue if they are really blue and not dyed

I would like an empire line dress, possibly with a ribbon round the waist

I am not at all bothered about centre pieces, favours or displaying a seating plan
Images are from: dress Johanna Hehir, blue flowers Design*Sponge, Bright flowers East Hill Photography, Blue bridesmaids The Knot

Not a contest

I really appreciated the sentiment in this blog post on Offbeat Bride, giving advice on why your wedding is not a contest.

  • Brides do not need more ways to feel bad about our weddings.
  • Trying to have a nontraditional wedding just for the sake of making a statement is just as inauthentic as forcing yourself into a traditional ceremony to keep your parents happy.
That said, I had a lovely afternoon today just sitting with my mum chatting through ideas. I don't feel under pressure from my parents which is great, especially as they are paying!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Some food ideas

Ice Cream man on a bicycle - This seems to be something quite a few people have thought about, as when I did a quick search online loads of pages came up. I just quite liked the idea of people being able to choose their pud!

Argentine style meal -Having enjoyed our trip to Argentina so much 18 months ago, the idea of serving up an Argentine feast where the waiters bring round freshly cooked (and amazing quality) meat straight from the grill and on swords! Haven't been able to find anything so far though

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