Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Gift list

We went to John Lewis last week to select items for our gift list. It is as fun as everyone tells you, like you are on a spree! But I flitted between emotions feeling at one minute like I was actually going to walk out with everything we selected to the next when I realised we were actually going to leave the shop empty handed...for now.

We were quite organised and had made a list of what we were looking for before we went. This was just as well as I could tell that otherwise we would have scanned everything.

A couple of days later we added more stuff online. I can tell it is going to be quite addictive watching as people buy items and we have to keep an eye on what is left for others.

Thinking about what people might buy/ spend is an intriguing part, especially as some of our friends are not married yet and are likely to think of this as an indicator of what they might expect in return (not that our friends are that mercenary!).

Although I sometimes feel it is a bit weird that people are buying us gifts, and it certainly is not the reason we are doing all this, I can't wait for it to open.

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