Sunday, 21 March 2010

This week

Seems this blog is coming down to weekly summaries of what I've been up to, now that it's getting closer. This is partly because I have to be more focussed and cannot get distracted by all the other weddings/ inspiration out there, and second, I don't have any more time.

Anyway, this week has entailed

  • another dress fitting - it's nearly there, having doubts about the sash now as the waistband as it is doesn't really give itself to having one,
  • a meeting with the vicar to sort out ceremony details like wording, readings etc,
  • a trip to Ikea to buy candle holders for the reception venue,
  • tried on mum's Grandmother's pearls, which I am borrowing for the wedding. They are so pretty.
  • decided against using mum's veil - it's too white for my dress
  • started cutting out lots of circles of fabric for the jam lids
  • got a second florists quote, slightly more expensive but includes hire of vases for centrepieces, and I suspect a little more artistic flair than the other florist
This week is going to involve more circle cutting (only about 80 to go) and fretting about my hen night dress not arriving in time.


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