Friday, 16 April 2010

Spotted: Souris Mariage

I just spotted this and thought I would reblog it here
Find the original here: "

1. My perfect day
2. A fairy-tale wedding
3. Best of all
4. Better than anything
5. The best day of my life
6. The best ever

1. Fun
2. Personal
3. Meaningful
4. Sweet
5. Celebratory
6. Us

I completely agree!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

One month to go

Only one month to go, and I'm feeling chilled and relaxed (yes, both).
I had a meeting with the caterer yesterday, so I'm happy that all those bits are in order. I'm just going to have a bash at a table plan

The little things left can be done, or not, I don't think it matters now

Big things left:

  • pick up rings
  • finalise ceremony wording/ prayers
  • shoes for J
  • pick up veil etc
  • get flowers organised

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Another productive day

I went down today with bms in tow so they could try their dresses. Man, do they look great! The colour is excellent, such a springlike shade, but nice and bold, and suits them both so well. Once they have had a few final adjustments, they will be done

While we were at the shop (because they are so helpful) I thought I'd have a look at veils and hair pieces. It's all very well trawling the internet for these things but it is very difficult to imagine what they might feel like on, as they are not things I am used to wearing.

I tried about 10 veils, all different lengths and with different edges and detailing. I have gone for a wrist length ivory veil with pearls through it. I didn't go for one with a heavy edge as it would distract from the dress, and it appeared to blend in better rather than be the feature in itself. The pearls just add a bit of 'special' without being too blingy. Plus they will go with my great-grandma's pearls I am borrowing from my mum for the day.

Once I tried this I had to try on some hair pieces just to complete my outfit. I had said no to a tiara from day 1, but the hairband type pieces just didn't look obvious enough. The one I have gone for is a bit like this...

It was really nice for mum that the ladies in the shop complemented my dress. She has been expressing concerns that people will think it looks 'too homemade', much to our protestations, but I think this has sorted her out now!

We got a load of extra fabric just in case, so we are going to make ruche ties for the guys. The ties they have ordered are really not going to match, or they are going to look too green (which would never do, football-wise!). Another fun task for the week before the wedding.

I also popped to the jewellers and he said our rings will be ready next week.

After that I had a make up trial, and so did sis and mum. I'll write more about that tomorrow.

The only annoyance today was further issues with printing (now jam jar labels), that's the most frustrating bit, but I'll get it sorted eventually. It meant I didn't get to finish the favours, looks like I will be doing this later.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Gift list open

Our gift list is now open and it is J who is obsessively checking it.

I'm still finding it weird that people are buying us gifts; like I don't deserve them.

I am happy to say though that it is some of the items I added (cake stand, sewing box) which my friends have gone for early on :-)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


The RSVP deadline has passed and we have now (almost) got official numbers for the wedding breakfast (why is it breakfast? I usually don't eat lamb and profiteroles for brekkie!).

But some people haven't replied, so need tactful chasing

Other tasks for this week include finalising flowers and sorting out the delivery of the croquembouche. We also need to order DJ equipment and I have a busy day on Saturday planned with my bridesmaids.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


My sister got me a box full of presents at my hen do, each one had a label on:

  • For tomorrow morning - hangover teabags
  • Because I know you will need them - tissues
  • Maltese wedding favours - Malteasers
  • For that Bridezilla  moment - chocolate chill pill
  • Something old to stick with tradition - sixpence
  • Your wish is our command - magic wand
  • We'll treat you like a princess - tiara
  • Something to help you relax before the big day - bath bomb
  • To help you survive the big day - blister plasters and party feet
  • Something to have a giggle over - Victorian marriage advice book
  • A money saving idea...grow your own bouquet - sunflower seeds
  • Courtesy of the Horniman Museum - wind up snail (I HATE snails)
  • Something blue - Rangers garter
This last one was the best and will be a lovely surprise on the day

I was also given some rude bits from my friends, to make me feed uncomfortable

Plus, when I got home one of my friends had sent me some flowers (from the lovely Jane Packer)

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