Monday, 27 October 2008

Vintage romantic...

That's what they call this range.

I spotted these things in bhs today, on special offer. Slightly unusual, not their normal kind of stuff, but pretty none the less.
Not what I'm looking for for my wedding, but I could imagine them looking lovely.
And at bargain prices too!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

First dress session

I tried on my first dresses yesterday, I was out with my mum and had (mis)read that a bridal shop had a sample sale on - not the case, but they did have a trunk show on - yay!

So, on I went trying on dresses from next seasons Essense collection. I was slightly concerned as all of the ones on offer appeared to be strapless, and I cannot do strapless (MIL has specified).

The first one I tried I loved, and went back to it after trying 3 others. One was quite lacy and was definitely not me, but I was glad that what I thought I wanted suited me. Generally, not too much detail, just a little sparkle, sweetheart neckline and a-line to ball gown type skirt. I didn't try a v neck dress which was what I had in mind first, so I'll do that next time.

The prices were as scary as expected, and I have never worn so much as I did yesterday morning. The diy option is definitely the way to go to save money, so I've been searching online since I got home to try and find a pattern - difficult.

As soon as you put the dress on you do feel completely different, and I had wobbly knees for the rest of the day. It's quite exciting so even though I'm not (really) considering buying I'll have to try some more on.

No pictures until February when the dresses are released and I will eagerly be looking for pics of the ones I tried on!

p.s. my mum keeps telling people I looked stunning :-)

Friday, 3 October 2008

Pretty jewellery

I keep spotting lovely necklaces everywhere, I don't know that they are all great for weddings and I realise it is quite a little detail to be thinking about when I haven't got ANYTHING else sorted out yet! Maybe I'll buy one just to wear now...

Such a pretty necklace by Lisa Galbardy on asos (of all places!)

Everlasting love necklace by Lauren Ridley

Our shared forename initial! Lovely. From Mon amour jewellery on Etsy. Plenty more on their non-etsy website too.

Mama Beth Bling on Etsy - personalised with names and a choice of colour of pearl

Nick Hubbard - Love & Kisses

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