Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Flowers: part 3

I think things are finally coming together. I took my parents to visit the venue this weekend, which I thought was reasonable given that they will have to give me a cheque for it next week!

It was quite a warm afternoon (for a change) and it was getting quite toasty in there, but I shouldn't think that will be a problem.

The flowers though...

Apologies for the rubbish photoshop but here is what I think I want bouquet-wise
So it's sunflowers (yes I decided they were a good idea), gerbera, lilies and some greenery. The bridesmaids will have the same but smaller with no sunflowers.

Image mine

Friday, 15 May 2009

In a year

So we get married 1 year from today

And it's raining...

I keep looking out for rainbows but can't see any

I don't mind if it rains, if it means we can have pretty umbrellas

As long as it doesn't mess up the arrangements too much

Never mind, it's exciting to be only a year away, though a little scary

I just popped along to the venue and it looks great this time of year as all the flowers are coming out. They were having an event on today and I kind of wanted to hang around to see it all in action

Image from stock.xchng user jadey919

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Hen night

Becher's Brook, 1890, engraving of horses jump...Image via Wikipedia

I realised I still had not blogged about the hen night I helped to organise (with one of the other bridesmaids) for my best friend.

We went to Ladies' day on the Grand National weekend at Ascot racecourse, which was a good excuse for dressing up. I wish I had made more of an effort rather than just pulling on an old dress I had, as some girls had really gone to town! If you ever wanted to know who buys those ridiculously high heels and those dresses that only just cover the bare essentials, look no further than Liverpool (no offence to anyone from there, I think it is the culture of the event rather than the people).

We had a 'picnic' on the train on the way up from London, which included buck's fizz - a great way to start the day.

The horse racing was quite good fun and we all got in the spirit of it, betting huge amounts (ok, 1 or 2 pounds) on horses and exclaiming when we lost! The bride to be was the only real winner, gaining about 50 on one race.

We then travelled on to Chester where we were spending Saturday and meeting the mums for a more civilised time of it. Saturday morning was spent enjoying the sights of Chester, and then we went for a lovely lunch at b2b's favourite bar.

The evening was however what we had put our efforts into: we had booked out a room at another bar and organised some games, entertainment and food, plus of course lots to drink. Everyone had a badge to wear (no diy-ing I'm afriad, these were pink and tacky!) while the bride had a sash. Note though, these were purchased (and worn) with a tinge of irony!

The entertainment was booked as a kissagram, but ended up doing the full monty! For a few minutes myself and the other bridesmaid thought we were going to be disowned by b2b, as I have never seen such abject shock on anyone's face. I don't think she thought we would do it, but her hints earlier in the organising process led us to believe that she would feeel she had missed out if we didn't do something outrageous. After all the shrieking and giggles, we all (even b2b) decided it had been worth it.

The game we played was great fun too, and it ended up with the b2b in quite a state. It's a Mr & Mrs style game with shots of your chosen tipple for incorrect answers.


Before the night, ask the groom for his answers to 10 (fairly tricky) questions

e.g. what is my favourite food?
where in the world would I most like to go?
what animal does b2b remind you most of?

Record the answers
On the night, give everyone (except b2b) one of the questions/answers.
You take it in turns to ask the bride what the groom's answer would be.
Cue hilarious answers and worried looks!
For every one they get wrong they have to drink a shot! And the person asking the question has to drink it if they get it right
Great fun

Everyone finished off the night dancing away at one of the local clubs, having had a great weekend! It was very satisfying to have organised something like this, having not done anything like it before. It taught me some valuable planning lessons.
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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Flowers part 2

When we were in Scotland last week I was buying a bunch of flowers for my grandparents as we were going to visit, and spotted in the florist these bouquets including gerberas and lilys! Perfect, it is not the weird combination that I thought was going to result in the florist looking oddly at me!Images from J's phone

Monday, 4 May 2009

Going Underground

We were walking through Greenwich on very sunny Saturday and saw some people walk through with a London Underground table plan (Greenwich maritime is a beautiful wedding venue, we looked at it ourselves but stopped looking when we saw the price!).

So that has led to a big rethink and a more modern think on the decor ideas. Roll London transport related pics:It would be a good theme as I am a transport geek! Also, many of our guests are from outside London so it would be nice to have something which is relevant to the location.

Images from Bee happy designs, Hello Lucky, Anna Rosell via Bridalwave

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Spotted: inspiration

I spotted this inspiration board at Stylish Events while trying to make decisions on my own colour scheme (still somewhat undecided - I need to sit down and work out what is currently decided and what is left to do, so I can then get on with stuff.

Anyway, back to the board, it is a very spring/summer blue and yellow combo which I am quite fancying at the moment - possibly with a brighter blue, I don't really do pastels.
For info on the image sources go to the original post here

Image from Stylish Events

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