Sunday, 22 March 2009

Something soppy

I really liked Pasha Malla's response when someone asked how to know if a girl loves them or not?

It really sums things up. Here are some of the most touching and true bits for me:

If she knows what song is coming next on the mix CD you made her: She loves you.

If she puts up with an entire Stars of the Lid album on a long-distance road trip: She loves you.

If she loves you, if she really loves you, you’ll know it.
If you can wake up to her staring at you and it’s not even mildly creepy, if you catch her smelling the shoulder of the hooded sweatshirt you lent her for an autumn walk at the beach, and not for B.O., if she makes you a pancake in the shape of a shark, if she calls you drunkenly at four in the morning “to talk,” if she laughs at your jokes when they’re funny and makes fun of you when they’re not, if she keeps her fridge stocked with Guinness tallboys for when you come over, if she tells you how she wishes she were closer to her sister and that her dad makes her sad:
She loves you, of course she loves you.

Then of course, you have to see if he loves you:

If he stops making you mix CDs and starts loading your iPod with albums he clearly just wants for himself—”to share, baby!”—he loves you. Seriously, the new Stars of the Lid is pretty much a pop record! Don’t delete it! Give the sonic textures a chance!

If on Valentine’s Day he’s out of the country but he paints a life-sized, full-body self-portrait that he has delivered to your door, and there’s a heart on the chest with a little sign that says, “Touch Me,” which then plays a tape of him singing a song about you that he wrote—he loves you.

If he fights a duel for your honor and wins—he loves you.

If you start to get frustrated by how he quotes lines from music, movies, and books as proxies for his own emotions—man, this is just what we do!

And then I love this quote at the end, from Brian Moore’s novel, The Luck of Ginger Coffey:
Love isn’t an act, it’s a whole life. It’s staying with her now because she needs you; it’s knowing you and she will still care about each other when sex and daydreams, fights and futures—when all that’s on the shelf and done with. Love—why, I’ll tell you what love is: it’s you at seventy-five and her at seventy-one, each of you listening for the other’s step in the next room, each afraid that a sudden silence, a sudden cry, could mean a lifetime’s talk is over.

Sunday, 15 March 2009


I really liked this image I found this week at Twirl. I'm thinking more and more that bridesmaids should wear something they like/suits them and not have to all be the same. It should also increase the likelihood of the dress being useful for the future too, which seems like a better use of money.

I like the blue colour of the dresses and the simple flowers. The wedding we went to over New Year had all the bridesmaids each with a single rose tied with a ribbon. It looked very elegant.

I came across Twirl looking for inspiration for decor for the hen weekend I am organising for my friend, for whom I am a bridesmaid.

I was also looking for something the bride-to-be can wear, but without resorting to the hideous stuff I have seen some wear (i.e. fake veil, L plates,

Twirl showcase some lovely collections (even if I can't get them all over this side of the Atlantic) and their blog has some good advice for choosing dresses to suit all shapes and sizes, plus advice to the chosen girls, hopefully I can fulfil all the necessary - and have the favour returned next year.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Disco ball

I wonder if there's any way we can incorporate a disco ball - not for the 70's feel, but more for the sparkle. I can't say I'm a fan of 'traditional' disco lights.

Image from hailey and heather

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I love rainbows, I always have, although despite this, it is probably something I won't try and squeeze into the wedding.
Unless maybe I can do it in style like these two.

Obviously this is not something you can plan for, but if you have a clever photographer, maybe you can do something like this.

Maybe I can just have some of these roses from Happy Roses (although they are quite expensive)via A cup of Jo and Elizabeth Anne Designs
Images from Jared Bauman and Michele M Waite, Value flora,

Sunday, 8 March 2009


I am a bit worried about being centre of attention on the big day, as it is not somewhere I ever aim to be any other time. When I find people looking at me I tend to disappear into my shoulders like a tortoise, or Bashful the dwarf, as above.

I also tend to do it when I'm happy, like when J looks at me in a nice way or when someone gives me compliments or presents.

We call it "shrugging" (it must be something I do a lot if we have a name for it) and I think I'll be in a permanent shrug all day!

Image from all posters

Monday, 2 March 2009

Nice pic

I randomly came across this picture the other day, and just liked it, so I thought I'd share.

I'm starting to think I'm seeing these paper lanterns everywhere in lots of wedding pictures, but I still like them. I don't know if I'll go down that route though, as I have cheap neutral coloured ones in my lounge...

Images from My wedding flower ideas

Sunday, 1 March 2009

German wedding cup

Gosh, March already, I can't believe where the time is going.

I've already been engaged (and looking at pretty wedding ideas) for nearly 8 months, and the wedding could be in as little as a year (although we still don't have a date). Someone at a party yesterday suggested to me to have a one year engagement/announcing the date party - well any excuse!

I keep meaning to look at wedding traditions, as there are some things I don't fancy doing (like chucking my bouquet) but I need to look at the provenance of these things before I get rid of them. I'm not superstitious in the slightest, but if something has some significance (particularly if it is religious) then I don't have a good reason not to do it.

One tradition we came across on our recent trip to South Africa was of the German wedding cup. We were at a winery which uses it as their emblem, due to historical family connections.

There is a lovely story which goes behind it, but the main fun is in the toast. Basically, both the bride and groom have to drink out of the glass at the same time, without spilling any. We tried it and it's quite funny!

The top and bottom halves of the glass are filled with wine, and then the man holds it while they both drink. It's a bit difficult to explain without seeing it in action.

I'm not sure we'll do this though, as it doesn't hold any significance other than 'we did it on holiday'!

Images from German Toasting Glasses, Warwick wine

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