Sunday, 7 March 2010


Finally got some movement on flowers, after being fobbed off by 2 florists - one didn't call me when they said they would after not keeping an appointment (unreliable!) and the other kept telling me to come back 'after Valentines', 'after Mother's day'... but then they tell me they won't deliver as far as the venue. Pah!

But I have managed to visit two great florists this week who have been enthusiastic and helpful.
I'm just waiting for a final quote from one before I have to make a decision on which to use.

So, we've decided on a mixture of mini sunflowers, lilies, and gerberas, with some white tiny daisy things (not sure what they're called).

I also like black eyed susan if the gerberas aren't the right colours.

Centre pieces will look a bit like this, but with the candle in a hurricane vase


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