Sunday, 24 January 2010

This weekend

This was a big weekend, with plenty of stuff getting crossed off the big to-do list:

  • got final pattern and fabric etc for my dress
  • discussed transport and logistics with my parents - we will definitely have a bus to transport people to the church and to/from the reception
  • got them and my grandparents booked into a hotel
  • decided on favours and bought some bits to go towards these (more soon)
  • got started on invites (why are printers so irritating, why do they never print things the size you want and only run out of ink when you are doing something important?!)
  • bought bridesmaid dresses (big yay!)

This is it:

From Hilary Morgan
Not in this colour though, it will be blue with an ivory sash (so the opposite way round to mine).
It was not too stressful getting the dresses, despite my concerns with both bridesmaids telling me they are not the easiest when it comes to clothes. I thought I was going to have some major self esteem issues on my hands.
But, both girls, independently, went up to this dress first in the shop, and remained happy once they tried it on.
We went to another shop but didn't see anything which grabbed us (plus all the dresses were in tiny sizes so we couldn't really try them on) and we kept saying 'it's not as nice as the first dress!'. So we went back and ordered them.
We'll also get 2m extra fabric in the blue, to make a halterneck strap for one bridesmaid, my sash and some cravats for the boys. I'm waiting for my swatch of fabric, but in the mean time I've got plenty else to do.


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