Friday, 17 December 2010

My outfit

I now realise why so many wedding blogs disappear so soon after the wedding. Suddenly my time and inclination seemed to vanish, not exactly sure why.

Anyway, getting back to putting together my day for you, I get to my outfit.

My dress was made by my mum, which was so special. It meant that it was completely unique and exactly what I wanted. We had had it specially designed by a friend of a friend who was studying fashion design. This, for me, was the most fun part. I had been to try on other dresses (1,2,3) so I had a good idea what I was looking for.

We then had the drawing made into a pattern by a professional pattern cutter - this bit wasn't cheap. If we had been a bit clever we could probably have utilised an existing pattern as I wasn't having anything that out of the ordinary.

Once we had the finished toile and pattern we set about chopping up the actual fabric and lining etc. I helped cut out some bits, but I left most of this to my mum who is much more experienced - and she has the sewing machine at her house!

I enjoyed cutting out the strips of netting to go under the train. This was even better when they had the unexpected effect of creating a feature out of themselves when I hitched up the train in the evening, as you can see in the pic on the left.

So, the finished article is best illustrated in this picture (that's my husband in the middle shaking hands with his best man - we'd just stepped out the church, which explains the crazy look on my face!). It had a full skirt with train, corsetted bodice, buttoned up the back, capped sleeves, and ruched skirt.

My veil had little pearls on it which matched those in my necklace, borrowed from my mum (it's her grandma's).
For the day I had plain cream court shoes, but I got my way and had blue shoes for the evening - and they were sparkly! I knew I wouldn't last in heels all day. Just as well, they managed to rub despite all the wearing in. Bridesmaid to the rescue with blister plasters.

I mentioned my tiara in a previous post, and even up to the day I still wasn't completely sure about it. I felt it was one of those decisions I had made without thinking and was slightly concerned that it wasn't what I'd been thinking of. But having spent more hours than sensible looking for alternatives and just coming up with variations on a theme, I decided there were other things which were more important - my sanity for one.
One of my favourite photos

Top photo from one of my pals, others from our photographer Sam Kesteven

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