Monday, 29 March 2010

Hen do

On Saturday it was my hen do, organised brilliantly by my bridesmaids. My pals (including my mum and J's mum) all managed to keep quiet and the day's entertainment was a complete surprise to me. I was just told to be at the tube station at a particular time dressed smartly, and I'd be taken along to the first venue.

The first venue was the Connaught hotel, where we had afternoon tea. So delicious, especially as I've not been eating treats through Lent. Starting off with champagne, then moving on to unending tea (my choice a white tea called silver needle) with sandwiches, scones (apricot ones - great idea) and homemade jam, and plenty of cakes. So filling! Afterwards the staff brought me a plate which said congratulations in chocolate sauce and a choccie on the side - yum.

My sister had put together a box of presents for me, including a tiara and magic wand to wear for the day, as well as useful bits for the day like blister plasters, a sixpence and hangover tea. My other bm had got sparkly cabaret masks for everyone to wear.

After a stop off for some cocktails at a bar, we then went on to Kitsch Cabaret at Madame JoJo's (appropriate name!), which was great fun and had everyone singing along and clapping - even the mums.

They took us to a club from there where we boogied the night away to cheesy tunes.

It was so nice to see all my friends together in one place. It was slightly scary when people were saying goodbye and they said 'next time we see you will be at the church!'!


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