Saturday, 6 June 2009

Learning from other people

I have been a bridesmaid 4 times, twice as a child and twice now I'm a bit more grown up.

From these and other weddings I have attended plus others which I have heard about, I have learned a few things about hosting one:

  • Timing seems to be crucial but don't panic if it starts slipping - as long as your guests are happy it's fine
  • Keep the champagne (or cheaper alternative) flowing at the drinks reception, especially if it is going on for a while. One glass will not keep them going
  • Keep going with the day even if it is not exactly to your plan, chances are no-one else is noticing
  • Book vendors based on recommendations
  • Make sure your photographer knows which pictures are most important to you
  • Enjoy yourself
I'm going to try and add to this list, I know there must be more...


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