Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Decision making

I'm rubbish at decision making, I am just the most indecisive person ever. I've spent the last 11 months looking at pretty pictures and not really making any decisions at all.

Well that's what I thought. When I sat down and worked through all the possible things I had to think about, a lot more is decided than I had realised.

We know the church (booked), reception venue (to be booked this week), and bridal party. So the important things are done.

I also have ideas about my dress, bridesmaid dresses, hen do, flowers, invites,

The only major things to decide are the menu and the table/venue decor. The other things are all (relatively) minor, although some of these are decided too.

So that makes me feel a lot better. We just have to keep up the good work.


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