Sunday, 14 September 2008

Money talks

We held the very important parental money talks today, as J's mum was down for the weekend.

The meeting was after a delicious lunch at the Sportsman, and I should really mention that first as it was so good.

I ate:
Wood pigeon, split peas and pistachios
Roast Hake, bacon and parsley sauce
Jasmine Tea Junket, strawberries and breakfast crunch


It is a bit off the beaten track in Seasalter, Kent, but my sister delivers meat there from her farm so she knew it was good.

We then went for a walk along the sea wall, sent the siblings up ahead and had a grown up chat. Money is a difficult subject to broach, but everyone knew what they were in for so it was fine. Overall we had general agreement on the plans so I think it went ok.

Before the chat I had to do some estimates of the costs of things, as everywhere you read that you should! I started with an average wedding budget from You and your wedding, which is based on their surveys.
And as we are doing some bits ourselves I had a look for costs of flower arrangements, which was fine; cakes (no luck), invitations (card, card everywhere) and dresses (aargh the patterns are sooooo 80s!). The budget was then edited and a bit added on for contingency, and voila, a rough total to present to the parents.

Now we just have to stick to it!


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