Thursday, 18 September 2008


I'm planning to do quite a bit of DIY for the wedding, not just as a cost saving device but just because I, as well as my mum, enjoy it so much.

The plan is to definitely do the invites and other stationery.
We were almost certain to do the cake, but I think we may want a croque en bouche (yum!) and I don't know how possible that is for us to make.

The dress is almost certainly going to be made by my mum, however the patterns I have seen as so 80s! Mum says that is not a problem, and that we can mix and match, and that we don't have to use bridal patterns. But it is hard to visualise.

Not the dress I want!
I would quite like to do the flowers too, but can't work out if that is going to be economic, or even viable, as it depends a bit on being able to get the flowers we want on the day before.

I haven't really got much further in terms of the stuff we might need. So far the invites seem like the only simple bit, but we still have to design them.


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