Sunday, 15 March 2009


I really liked this image I found this week at Twirl. I'm thinking more and more that bridesmaids should wear something they like/suits them and not have to all be the same. It should also increase the likelihood of the dress being useful for the future too, which seems like a better use of money.

I like the blue colour of the dresses and the simple flowers. The wedding we went to over New Year had all the bridesmaids each with a single rose tied with a ribbon. It looked very elegant.

I came across Twirl looking for inspiration for decor for the hen weekend I am organising for my friend, for whom I am a bridesmaid.

I was also looking for something the bride-to-be can wear, but without resorting to the hideous stuff I have seen some wear (i.e. fake veil, L plates,

Twirl showcase some lovely collections (even if I can't get them all over this side of the Atlantic) and their blog has some good advice for choosing dresses to suit all shapes and sizes, plus advice to the chosen girls, hopefully I can fulfil all the necessary - and have the favour returned next year.


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