Sunday, 1 March 2009

German wedding cup

Gosh, March already, I can't believe where the time is going.

I've already been engaged (and looking at pretty wedding ideas) for nearly 8 months, and the wedding could be in as little as a year (although we still don't have a date). Someone at a party yesterday suggested to me to have a one year engagement/announcing the date party - well any excuse!

I keep meaning to look at wedding traditions, as there are some things I don't fancy doing (like chucking my bouquet) but I need to look at the provenance of these things before I get rid of them. I'm not superstitious in the slightest, but if something has some significance (particularly if it is religious) then I don't have a good reason not to do it.

One tradition we came across on our recent trip to South Africa was of the German wedding cup. We were at a winery which uses it as their emblem, due to historical family connections.

There is a lovely story which goes behind it, but the main fun is in the toast. Basically, both the bride and groom have to drink out of the glass at the same time, without spilling any. We tried it and it's quite funny!

The top and bottom halves of the glass are filled with wine, and then the man holds it while they both drink. It's a bit difficult to explain without seeing it in action.

I'm not sure we'll do this though, as it doesn't hold any significance other than 'we did it on holiday'!

Images from German Toasting Glasses, Warwick wine


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