Friday, 13 February 2009

Who are the big drinkers?

We spent a fun evening yesterday going through our guest list and trying to decide how much everyone might drink! This is slightly preemptive, yes, as we haven't got a date, let alone a guest list properly, but after our meeting with the caterer at possible venue no.2 (which is creeping to top of the list) we realised we could stock our own bar, which means it can be an open bar, and we feel is this is a lovely thing to do for the guests.

I've been to weddings with open bars (but only as a child), every one since then has had a pay bar, and I have not thought twice about it. But when it was mentioned we thought "mmm..."

Aside from the fact it is nice to do, is may be cheaper overall, as we would have to pay for someone to come and run a pay bar as the venue doesn't have one (and I have no idea what the licensing implications are), plus it's not that expensive.

You are buying wine for dinner, champagne for toasts and something for when they arrive (peach bellinis please), so the cost of some extra wine and beer for the rest of the evening does not add too much.

It's fun working out who are the big drinkers too

Peach bellini image from Curbly


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