Friday, 27 February 2009

Short hair

I have short hair, and I'm not growing it for the wedding as I want to feel like me. Unfortunately (for me that is and not for the beautiful brides) the majority of the pictures I have seen of weddings seem to have the brides with luscious long curls or an up-do, neither of which is suitable for me. So I had a dig about and luckily came up with some inspiration.

This first one is slightly longer than my current do, but it is nice and relaxed. A little bit of sparkle too, but not a big 'crown-like' tiara.
This last one has a veil, which I am trying to persuade myself will look fine, as I have my mum's one to wear. I tried one when I went dress trying and it does make one feel suitably bridal as soon as it is attached! Images from: 1) project wedding, 2) photobucket, 3) project wedding, 4) Your best wedding, 5-7) Wedding hairstyle gallery,


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