Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Travelling in style

Having been brought up in the bus industry (courtesy of my dad), it is only fitting that there should be a bus on the big day. I'd love a picture of me hanging off the back platform of a Routemaster! I searched around for pictures of others doing the same but didn't manage to find any.

Alternatives are also buses, including the very special 'Knightrider', which would be a link to my home town (the only one I think - I do not have much love for Maidstone!). It is a little 16 seater and cannot really get up much speed, I don't even know if it is still able to run, but it is luxurious and would be lovely for the bridal party and parents to travel in.
We need to have some kind of transport as there is no parking, and we will encourage local people to come by public transport.

Images wikipedia, busfleets


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