Sunday, 8 November 2009


I'm compromising on something.  While I'm not being a bridezilla (as far as I know), I am being quite singleminded in terms of most of the decisions. This is, however, because it takes me so long to make a decision, so I can't cope with then having people changing my mind.

I mentioned previously that my mum didn't like the idea of me wearing coloured shoes. So after a discussion, I've decided I will have a pair of proper ivory satin heels for the ceremony and during the day, which I can then kick off for the evening and switch into a pair of coloured flats!

Everyone wins! I know I won't survive in heels all day anyway, especially if I want to have a dance.

(I since found out that my MIL likes the idea of coloured shoes, but I guess that's not enough)

Some pretties:


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