Monday, 2 November 2009

Etsy hair accessories

After yesterday's post on hair accessories I headed to etsy, as I often do, to see what was on offer there. No surprise, there was so much to choose from. This is a selection of pretties, having only searched for headbands. The best thing is they are all so reasonably priced and handmade.

First up, this pearly one from The Lovely Lamb

My Lavaliere has this swallow headband. It is simple but pretty
This one is from Live in style. I love this whole shop. This headband is maybe a little big compared to what I actually want, but it was too pretty not to post - there are plenty of others on there I could choose instead.

As well as beaded headbands like this one Little White Dresser also has a really pretty beaded sash
Quirky beauty live up to their name. I found it tough to pick just one.

This sequinned one is from Wee Gardens.

And last up, this one from Ice Cream Candy. This shop has a large range, and I particularly like this one as it is on ribbon not on elastic so it will have a 'tail' at the back. 
There are so many other etsy shops with great stuff which I could have shown, a few include: Bethany Lorelle, Heart of light, Be something new, and Beautiful blossoms

Images from individual etsy shops, please visit them to see more great handmade goodies


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