Saturday, 1 August 2009

What's going on?

This is just meant to be a quick catch up of what's been going on this last couple of weeks, just so you know I haven't been sitting back doing nothing (just next to nothing) so it covers a bit of everything.

I've been getting in touch with a few photographers - I can tell this is going to be one of the major sticking points of the planning. We don't have a huge budget for the photos as we are not huge photo people. The disappointment of not having the one photographer we really wanted also makes it a bit harder. The other difficulty is the approved list, where we have to start our search (or pay commission to the venue).

I've got the contact details for the dress designer friend-of-a-friend, so I can get that going. Which is just as well because my mum decided to come out and tell me that she didn't really like THE DRESS! (don't get me started on that one!)

Shopping with my sister today I managed to convince her of the coloured shoes thing. J and mum don't agree but really I don't care. It will be almost impossible to find ivory shoes without resorting to v expensive ones so I'll just pick up some blue beauties on the high street!

I popped into one of the local florists last week hoping to get some info, but they basically just said to come in a month or two before. That was it! Helpful huh! But I ended up buying some pretty peonies anyway. I think I'll try another one and see if they are more helpful.

I found a great vintage/junk shop quite nearby, my new destination for anything I need to buy. I'm sure I can find some way of including something cool from there. They have loads of wooden printing letter blocks which look great.

I also saw cute blue mini buckets in asda - I think this just proves I need to make some decisions about the decor.

image from flickr user scottpartee


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