Thursday, 13 August 2009

Dress design

I met my dress designer friend-of-a-friend this evening to discuss my ideas and what I was looking for.

I thought I was being quite prescriptive by suggesting that it had to have straps, an a line silhouette, some detail at the back - possibly some kind of sash/bow, but she was over the moon that she had this quite clear start point really a blank sheet to take from there.

I took along my ideas sheet which I put together to tidy up my image files
Click on the image for better detail. The dresses are from: l-r top row Amsale, Johanna Hehir, Mikaella, Johanna Hehir, Alfred Sung, Johanna Hehir
row 2 Watters, don't know the next 2!, Martina Liana, Alfred Sung, Amsale, Both the last 2 are from people's wedding pics - sorry
row 3 don't know, Johanna Hehir, Amsale, don't know next 2, last one from Amsale
You can tell the stage at which I started noting where things were from - apologies, when I get a change I'll source some of the others!

I'm expecting some first ideas in a couple of weeks, In the meantime I need to find a pattern cutter.


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