Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Dress shopping 2

I was dress trying on at the weekend, with mum and my sister (also a bridesmaid). We went to Johanna Hehir in Marylebone, London as this was where I saw the first dress I really liked.

It was a lot more relaxed than the previous trying session (I guess that's what you get at a designer boutique) and we started by looking through the style books and letting them get an idea of what I liked/ didn't like. I did start to worry for a moment as I hadn't seen the dress, but it was, happily, on the last page of the last book!

I tried 5 dresses in all, starting with one which was a bit different to what I thought I was looking for - just to rule it out (or not).
It's the one on the right of this picture. It has cute short sleeves which I liked and a light skirt, kind of evening dress style. And that's what I thought when I put it on - not quite a wedding dress for me.
Dress 2 was more what I was expecting and was the dress! I was really excited to finally try it on. And it definitely did the business! Enough that I couldn't stop grinning! Once a veil (reminder to self - elbow length, not full length - looked Victorian!) got plonked on my head, that was it!I tried it with some different belts, one coloured ribbon and two embellished sparkly belts. Although I was quite convinced by adding some colour before, I really liked the beaded ones.

Once I was persuaded to take it off, I tried another - and then got confused!This one is again v-neck, but has a beaded lace top. I had discounted lace as I think it looks too fussy for me, but this dress confused me. It is really beautiful and I thought it was lovely. Almost as lovely as the dress.

Mum said yes it was beautiful, but it wasn't me. It was bride but it wasn't Jo the bride. I totally agreed. I would never normally go for lace and things so why break the habit of a lifetime!

The next one didn't do it for me like the previous two, although it was still lovely. It had little cap sleeves and a scoop neck. I preferred the v neck on me.

I did however like the puddle train.
The last one was a strapless a-line dress, to which was added a lace shrug (to get over church/ MIL strapless issues). The beading around the neckline was pretty and delicate, but the cut wasn't right on me.I had another quick try of the dress (cue more smiles).

Indecisiveness - who needs it!...
Now, I have to decide what to do next. It would be so simple to just buy this one, although it is expensive (even if I get it cheaper through their website).

I didn't ask if we could take pictures, and got rather distracted once we'd started so all the pictures are from their website.


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