Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Chatting weddings, as I do, with J while we were watching Four Weddings...

We were discussing what we thought of the communal/ interactive elements of the day. We have one idea which is still a surprise even to family and will not be announced until much closer to the time. But, in terms of guest books and favours, we're not convinced. We're just not into the soppy messages which get blurted out at every wedding everyone goes to, with perhaps a name change if you are lucky (yes, we are quite a cynical couple), but also do not see the point in something we are only going to look at a couple of times ever.

So I set myself the task of looking at alternatives:from style me pretty

from kiss the groom

J liked the idea of the photo booth or polaroid guest book - which kills both the guest comment and photo birds with one stone. I think I forget that he doesn't scour the wedding blogs/ magazines like I do and hasn't seen this however many times I have. All those others who aren't getting married right now - maybe they will think it is new/ original too!


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