Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My dress

Yay - they have finally uploaded pictures of the new Martina Liana collection of dresses, one of which was the one I really liked when I went to the store.

Martina is a new designer for Essence, and the first dresses of the collection are now online. Keep your eyes open for the range, when I went to the preview the shop I thought it was lovely and the marketing guy from the company were very excited about them (they could be biased though!).

It is shown in ivory dupioni as I would like it, and has a diamante belt (removable) and trim round the bottom of the skirt. Apart from that it is quite plain, which is what I am looking for. I would however have straps (I was told you can choose to have any of the dresses with straps).Photo from Martina Liana

I also spotted this dress I really liked on Randall Photography, a UK based wedding photographer.Maybe I can try to combine these two dresses somehow?! And with a blue sash too?!?! The beauty of designing your own...I think I will have to start doodling


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