Sunday, 21 December 2008

Advice from friends

I was very lucky to be out with some friends the other day, both of whom were able to give me some great leads.

One of them can get me a pattern cutter who is a student (cheap!) and specialising in wedding dresses!

I was also told to go to try on dresses everywhere even if I'm having my dress made, as this is my only chance. Also if I know I don't need to buy there's no pressure. Here I come Vera Wang and Liberty bridal room!

The other interesting thing was our discussion about hen nights, as they had recently been on one which was no more than ok, something I could agree with from the recent trip I made, due to a mismatched group of people and activities (to summarise: fancy dress in pubs with people you don't know). So the advice was to have something your mum can come to and then something to let your hair down at. Make sure everyone will feel comfortable in whatever you do.

I have a few ideas of what I would like to do all of which are in or near London:
Afternoon tea at the Athenaeum hotel, which includes Laduree macaroons and rose champagne

Ronnie's bar at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club - an intimate bar above the main club with an amazing cocktail menu.

Nails Inc do a hen party package including manicures at their larger stores

Choccywoccydoodah is just wow! Their shop in Brighton is droolworthy. But even better is the Choccywoccyboudoir! You and your friends get to spend 2 hours being fed chocolate. Is there anything better?!

Photos (from the top): The Athanaeum from Brides, Laduree


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