Monday, 7 December 2009


Well gosh, yesterday was a bit busy in terms of ticking things off the list, and I hardly lifted a finger!

  • My mum was knitting my shrug and kept calling me through to check the sleeves were the right length
  • My sister has a surprise she isn't doing very well keeping quiet about - it's something to do with a guest book, so one less thing for me to do
  • My brother has a box of umbrellas stashed away
  • I now have the font we want for our invites, J wrote text for the invite inserts and we know what size they need to be. I'll spend the next couple of evenings on photoshop sorting those out
  • I have created a full, nothing left off to do list, with deadlines - just to stress everyone out. I just need to buy some sticky fixers to put it up now


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