Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dress design - part 2

I have just chosen my final dress design from my designer friend. It has been such fun choosing the designs and picking which bits I liked from each one to put towards the final design.

I just have to send a cheque and I get my design through so I can get someone (not sure who yet, any ideas?) to make a pattern.

This process is highly recommended, as I am getting exactly the dress I want, for a much lower cost than I would otherwise get, and it has been really fun. The only thing I didn't realise beforehand was that I wouldn't get to try it on until it is made. There is no falling for the dress when you try it on. I know I still have to wait, but I will go through the fun process of making my dress with my mum.

I'm not going to share just now, but I will eventually crack...


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