Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Vera Wang - part 3

After the early interest in Vera Wang (well, who couldn't be interested in her dresses), on Saturday I went to the Vera Wang boutique in London with my chief bridesmaid.

Oh, the dresses are beautiful!

Put any of them on and you will feel fabulous, because of the quality of the dresses. But it was obviously still important that I felt like me. It was nice not to be under any pressure as I was only really there for the fun of it and for ideas.

This is the one that really got me - enough to make me try it on twice. I'm showing you the back because the detailing is especially nice. It is quite a plain dress, no sparkle, no lace, i.e. perfect for me, but it has enough of something to make it interesting.
I also enjoyed the fact that the stock shoes they had were Jimmy Choos! They were comfy too, which was doing its bit to try to persuade me that they were something I could maybe invest in for the big day - we'll see!

I tried these two as well; the proper princessy one was great to wear but in the end wasn't really me, but the criss-crossy one was a really nice shape and unusual. It had a bit more wow about it without being too much.

I found the images on google, I guess it was from Vera Wang at some point in its history


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