Monday, 20 April 2009

Ring a ding

I've been having another look at rings as J has said that actually he is not too keen on wearing a ring full time but would like one on the day. So I suggested tungsten after happening to have seen this post on Budget Savvy Bride.

It does seem to be remarkably cheap, we can get one for under £50, and that's not a plain one!

In the mean time I've been playing around with some 'make your own ring' type tools on various jewellery websites including furrer-jacot which says they have 20000 options! and PureJewels design your own

Here are some pretty ones from furrer-jacot
In fact, I'm not too bothered about having a diamond wedding ring, as I have my engagement ring. I'll be quite happy with a plain band. But still there are so many choices: metal, width, weight, finish, shape...


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